Environics is a global provider of industrial gas detection and CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear) monitoring solutions. We manufacture a wide range of products including hazardous gas monitors for ambient air, process gas and stack emissions, as well as government early warning CBRN detection systems. Today, Environics is the supplier of choice for industrial, government and military organizations worldwide.
Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements was established in 1965. From the very beginning, research works over new technologies have been joined with designing of equipment and production lines, which enables direct implementation of research achievements in industry.
realize the above tasks by means of implemented and constantly perfected quality management system fulfilling the requirements of standards PN-EN ISO 9001:2001, AQAP 2110:2009 and WSK (Internal Inspection System), serving as a tool of planned improvement of the quality of products and services.
OPTIX Co is the first firm in Bulgaria and one of the first companies in Europe that has successfully implemented a quintuple integrated management system, including the following international standards: ISO 9001:2008 – Quality management, ISO 27001:2005 – Information Security, ISO 14001: 2005 – Environmental Protection, AQAP 2110 – Military Standard of NATO, OHSAS 18001:2007 – Labour health and safety. OPTIX Co is one of the first companies in Bulgaria to obtain a certification in accordance with NATO standards AQAP 2110.
 Founded in 1990 by Massachusetts Institute of Technology roboticists, iRobot designs and builds some of the world’s most important robots. iRobot’s home robots are revolutionizing the way people clean – inside and out. More than 14 million home robots have been sold worldwide, with the award-winning iRobot Roomba® floor vacuuming robot leading the charge. More than 5,000 of the company’s defense & security robots have been delivered to researchers, military and civil defense forces worldwide, performing thousands of dangerous search, reconnaissance and bomb-disposal missions while protecting those in harm’s way. Leveraging its state-of-the-art Ava™ mobile robotics platform, iRobot is bringing its solutions to new markets. The iRobot Ava™ 500 delivers a new level of collaboration for office environments and other facilities, and RP-VITA allows doctors to communicate with patients from virtually anywhere in the world. With two decades of leadership in the robot industry, iRobot remains committed to building robots that improve the quality of life and safety standards worldwide.
OMER 1 Rappelling & Rescue Apparatus
OMER 1is well connected to the leading defense industry suppliers and represents some of the most respected and well established companies in the global defense and security arena. Omer 1 unique field experience and knowledge is derived from its Best of Breed employees whose extensive military backgrounds include experience in both field and operational command and special units.