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Portable Radionuclide Identifier

  • High performance tools for radionuclide search & identification
  • Simple to operate – intuitive user interface
  • Sophisticated professional tools made available for every user



Portable Radionuclide Identifier

RanidPro200 backpack provides a high performance tools for radionuclide search and identification.

Every year a significant amount of radioactive sources disappear, are found or are stolen. Smuggling of radiological or nuclear material is becoming more and more frequent. Hospitals, medical science, lighthouses, power plants and industry all use different types of radiological sources. Every day the nuclear power plants create nuclear waste, which has to be handled and stored. Opportunities for the material to become misplaced, stolen or a container to leak because of and accident are numerous. Even a small amount of radioactive material can be used in a dirty bomb, which effects will be extremely harmful to the infrastructure or a misplaced source can cause serious danger as the symptoms appear few days after exposure.

Key features

  • Simple to operate, intuitive user interface


  • High sensitivity


  • Highly sophisticated detection algorithms


  • Very low false alarm rate


  • Automatic energy stabilization – valid data available alltime


  • Remote control through a smartphone interface


  • Full reach back capability


  • Inconspicuous design


  • Easy to use expert tool


  • Locating suspicious containers


  • Locating orphan sources


  • Portal applications (e.g. entry control)


  • Radiological safety of industrial sites (e.g. steel mill industry)


  • Radiological safety of harbors and railways


  • Customs, border control and law enforcement


  • Monitoring of mass events and high security meetings


RanidPRO200 Portable radionuclide identifier

Bringing Expertise to the Field

The performance of current radiation analyzers is varied at best and using them require thorough training, expertise and understanding on the matter. The Environics RanidPro200 has been designed to provide every user with this information. The device measures, detects and identifies the source of radiation and gives the user clear and simple information from the results.

Reliable Data – Extremely Low False Alarm Rate

The RanidPro200 implements unique automatic energy stabilization routines, meaning that the detector is able to conduct continuous spectroscopic measurements and analysis. The neutron detector has been designed to reject cross-sensitivity to gamma radiation meaning that it is not affected by high dose rates. This makes the RanidPro200 significantly more sensitive than similar R/N detectors and helps reduce the false alarms to absolute minimum.

Simple Operation

Using the RanidPro200 is simple. Just turn the device on and it checks itself. There is no need for any calibration or configuration as everything is automated. The device has an intuitive and self-explanatory user interface and the information is displayed to the user in a clear format containing dose rate, alarms and identification.

Comprehensive Full

Spectrum Database

RanidPro200 has an integrated a GPS system, which enables logging the measurements in conjunction to the time and place. The device offers a comprehensive radionuclide database for reference. All measured data can be compared to the known spectrums for very specific analysis.

Full Reachback Capability

The RanidPro200 supports all commonly used wireless data transfer methods, and are able to be in constant contact with the control centers where the experts can process the measurements for more in-depth analysis. This helps verify the threat rapidly and provide immediate instructions for action.

RanidPRO200 Portable radionuclide identifier

Technical Data

Size                                    Approx. 50x30x20cm

Weight                               Approx. 6,9kg (with LaBr3 detector)

Power                               Uses Thoughbook CF-19

internal battery

100-240V (50-60Hz)

Battery Life                      >3 hours without External

battery unit

Approx. 8 hours with

external battery

Communications           RJ-45 Ethernet




Integrated GPS

Relative Humidity          95% at 35C, non-condensing

Temperature                   -20 °C – 50°C

Operation Range

Spectrum                         Configurable as 2048 or 1024,

Maximum Count Rate > 250 kcps

Library &                          Designed to fulfill and exceed

Categorization                standard N42.34 ANSI Isotope list

Medical and Industrial lists

Special Nuclear Material lists

Customizable user defined lists and ROIs

Functions                         Nuclide identification

Spectrum analysis

Dose rate calculation

Comprehensive radionuclide database

Audible search tool



Gamma detector        LaBr3 scintillator 1.5”x1.5” or

NaI (Tl) scintillator 2”x2”

(Optionally other detector sizes)

Energy range               30Kev to 3MeV

Energy                           < 3% FWHM @ 662keV (LaBr3)

resolution                     < 7.5% FWHM @ 662keV (NaI)

Neutron detector Moderated 6Li plastic scintillator Dose rate range 0,01 to 100μSv/h

Dose rate                      ±5%


Remote control unit

Type                               Smartphone

Software                       RanidPro200 remote control

and monitoring software

Software                       Spectrogram (Waterfall plot

features                        Dose rate

Nuclide significance

Alarms with sound and vibration

Long spectral measurements

SMS dataflow redirection

Advanced reporting features

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